Reverse osmosis purification system for food factory

2019-09-11 5:29:00 mike 498 0 Like

This is a 1-stage RO(reverse osmosis) plant, capacity: 0.5ton/h, with a 1-ton volume water tank which can meet the demand of water consumption in a small food processing factory. It’s made of stainless steel frame and weighs 300kg, still convinient to transport, install and manage.

  • Project: 500LPH reverse osmosis filtration plant for food factory
  • Processing capacity: 500L/H
  • Desalination rate: ≥99%
  • Revovery rate: 50%-75%
  • Raw water: re water, TDS: 1900ppm
  • Product water: High purity sterile water for food processing, TDS: ≤20ppm
  • Pretreatment: Sand filter+carbon filter+scale inhibitor+1um micron filter
  • RO module: 2*Vontron LP21-4040 membrane+UV sterilizer
  • Valve: Runxin timer automatic
  • Pump: CNP
  • Controller: Siemens PLC
  • Power consumption: 2.15KW max
  • Warranty: 2 years

Inlet water limits

  • Max operating pressure: 600psi(4.13Mpa)
  • Temperature: 5-45°C (113°F)
  • Max chlorine concentration: 0.1mg/L
  • Max feed flowrate: 3.6 m3/hr(16.0gpm)*2
  • Max feed turbidity: 1.0 NTU
  • Max feed SDI (15 minutes): 5.0
  • Feed pH range ( nominal): 2.0-11.0