Do you know the application of ro plant in industry area?

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The objectives of an RO plant for industrial use are distributed in the following way: 50% in desalination of seawater and brackish water; 40% in the production of ultrapure water for the electronic, pharmaceutical and energy production industries; 10% as decontamination systems for urban and industrial water.

Desalination of brackish water

The salinity of this type of water is 2000 mg/L – 10000 mg/L. In its treatment, pressures of 14 bar – 21 bar are used to achieve rejection coefficients greater than 90% and to obtain water with saline concentrations of lower than 500 mg/L.

Desalination of seawater

Depending on the geographical area, the salinity of this type of water is 30000 mg/L – 40000 mg/L. To meet the potability requirements, polyamide hollow fiber membranes are used which allow rejection coefficients to be achieved of greater than 99.3% with working pressures of 50 bar – 70 bar.

Production of ultrapure water

RO allows water of the quality demanded by the electronic industry to be obtained from drinking water (concentration of dissolved solids < 200 mg/L).

The main problem with this type of installation is the bio-contamination of the membranes, which is why the installation of sterilization systems that use UV radiation is necessary.

Application:Hotels,Breeding,Textile,Swimming pool,Food and beverage,Power plant,Domestic water,Medicinal,Electronics,Bath,Chemical industry,Irrigation,Farm…etc.

Wastewater treatment

The use of reverse osmosis in wastewater treatment is limited by the high operating costs due to the problems of contamination of the membranes. In the case of industrial wastewater, RO is used in those industries where it is possible to improve the efficiency of the process by recuperating valuable components that can be recycled in the production process: galvanoplasty industries and paint for metal structures, or where reuse of the treated water represents an important reduction in the consumption of water, e.g. textile industry.