How To Choose the Right Industrial Water Purification System?

2019-06-15 5:28:00 mike 387 0 Like
  • Whether your team is in the market to purchase a new industrial water purification system or a replacement of an older system, such as a multi stage reverse osmosis system, savings is always front and center. Your goal is to select a purification system that gives you the greatest return on the investment. This can mean savings via water costs, labor and maintenance costs or those associated with uptime. To start, look at a few key factors such as water recovery rate, ease of use and overall cost to maintain over the lifespan of the unit. The goal is to focus on factors that are important to your organization’s goals. In this simple guide, we will outline the factors your team should consider when choosing the right industrial reverse osmosis water purification system.

    Identify Water Purification Needs

    The key to choosing the right system for your company begins with finding out what kind of features will best benefit your water purification needs. Start with a review of the RO system self-assessment, which will help you identify what is required and most important to your team for industrial water purification.

    Make note of all of the applications and operations involved, such as cleaning out tanks or filling beverage bottles. Determine how much water is used on a consistent basis. This will help you decide how large, or small, your system needs to be and what flow rate it will provide. If your facility will be using a water purification system to treat and reuse water, identify all the various streams of water that may require treatment. This will impact the water purification system specifications including pre and post treatment.

    Feedwater Supply Source

    Depending on the source of your water, it may be affected by seasonal changes and climate conditions. If this is the case, you need to have a water purification system ready to handle the fluctuation in feedwater without slowing down on the purification process. If your water is supplied by a municipality, you will have a consistent stream but may want to consider high recovery water purification options if your water cost is high.

    Need  Assistance?

    Our water treatment experts can offer you a complimentary water assessment to help decide what kind of industrial water purification would best suit your company’s needs. Contact us free via the contact page to get started.