What Is The Best Water Treatment System?

2020-02-27 4:45:00 mike 754 0 Like
  • As water pollution becomes an increasingly prominent issue in our society, water treatment systems are emerging as necessary solutions in keeping our bodies away from unwanted health concerns. While most of these systems are developed with similar ideology, their characteristics and performance differ which leads to a diverse set of functioning. So, want to find out what is the best water treatment system? Here are a list of the most commonly used water treatment systems and the unique qualities that exist within each other:

    Reverse Osmosis Systems:

    Reverse osmosis is an advanced process used by water treatment systems that works by utilizing membrane layers to filter untreated water, which is driven through the system by high pressure pumps. The contaminants that pass through these membranes are trapped and rejected by these membranes, while the filtered water is allowed to sit on the other end. The rejection rate of RO systems are exceptionally high (above 99%) and is known to remove various kinds of pollutants from microorganisms, pathogens, chemicals, lead, heavy metals, minerals, chlorine, etc.

    Reverse osmosis systems are more cost-effective than many other kinds of water treatment systems and also do well in lasting for a long duration through a well-built and durable structure. Not all RO system suppliers ensure that these features are met, with some cutting corners to save costs in their manufacturing process by using cheaper and less quality membranes, and other parts which reduce the overall performance and reliability. However, our customers never worry about such problems, since Pure Aqua makes sure to incorporate only the most quality and dependable components from well-branded manufacturers in our reverse osmosis systems.

    Multi-Media Water Filtration Systems:

    The filtration process of media filtration systems consist of a five-stage process that eliminates all pollutants and chemicals from the water. This process ensures the removal of a comprehensive list of contaminants such as fluoride, waste, chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, metals, pathogens, organic and inorganic substances, parasites, chloramines, etc. What results from this process is the most pure quality water available in the market.

    One of the most important features of media filtration systems not prevalent in other water treatment systems is the replenishment of beneficial minerals in the water. While RO systems have the drawback of removing nutrients that are good for us, media filters make sure these minerals are returned in the final product water after the last stage process.

    UV Water Treatment Systems:

    Regarded as the most effective water treatment system available, ultra violet treatment units are highly productive in targeting and killing a large degree of water-borne contaminants in water. UV water treatment works by utilizing low energy during the disinfection process through the use of high intensity lamps that transmit heat rays which kill contaminants by attacking their genetic codes. While the impurities are still left in the water, the characteristics that make them harmful to humans and other organisms are nullified.

    For these reasons, the taste and color of the water is left unchanged and there are also no consequences of dangerous products arising from the use of ultraviolet. Another added benefit of UV water treatment systems is the non-involvement of chemicals in the water forces businesses to increase for further purification. These systems are also extremely easy to use and maintain, including being safe to plumbing and septic tanks. Take a look out our first-rate UV sterilizers to see which one best suits your specific needs.

    It is important to note that there are other advanced water treatment systems available at Pure Aqua that work best for certain applications. We have provided the three most used and regarded systems that best suit the needs of most users and the question of “what is the best water treatment system.”