1500LPH Double Stage RO Ultrapure Water Plant for Pharmacuetical Company

2019-04-16 3:49:00 mike 478 0 Like

This is a 2-stage RO(reverse osmosis) ultrapure water plant, capacity: 1500L/H with EDI(Electrodeionization) system at the end. EDI is used for deep desalination in order to get hyper pure water. The whole plant tanks and pipelines are made of medical grade SS316L .

System specifications

  • Project: 1500LPH double stage reverse osmosis filtration plant all SS304 tanks and pipelines
  • Processing capacity: 1500L/H
  • Desalination rate: ≥99.9%
  • Revovery rate: 50%-80%
  • Raw water: tap water, TDS: 200ppm
  • Product water: High purity sterile water for pharmacuetical, TDS: ≤0.2ppm
  • Pretreatment: Sand filter+carbon filter+scale inhibitor+1um micron filter
  • RO module: 3*Dow BW30-400+6*DOW LCLE-4040 membrane+Dongda EDI D-1500+UV sterilizer
  • Valve: Runxin timer automatic
  • Controller: Preset program
  • Power consumption: 4.25KW max

Feed water limits

  • Max operating pressure: 600psi(4.13Mpa)
  • Temperature: 5-45°C (113°F)
  • Max chlorine concentration: 0.1mg/L
  • Max feed flowrate: 17 m3/hr(75.0gpm)*3
  • Max feed turbidity: 1.0 NTU
  • Max feed SDI (15 minutes): 5.0
  • Feed pH range ( nominal): 2.0-11.0